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If you have been injured on the job or through the negligence of others, you may deserve to be fairly compensated for your loss. In addition to reimbursement for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages, you may also be entitled to additional payments as reparation for your loss or injury.

In complex fields such as personal injury, product liability, medical malpractice, or Workers’ Compensation claims, it is often difficult to know your rights and understand your options. That is why you should consider hiring an attorney whose practice involves personal injury law.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in state or federal court and you seek serious and competent counsel to assist you in resolving the charge in a manner designed to best suit your needs, you should contact Hank Ehlies.

Hank Ehlies has been handling personal injury and criminal law cases, including capital murder, since 1975. He has the experience to provide qualified representation and assist you in resolving the disputes.

Hank Ehlies will represent you in court, providing focused litigation counsel in the areas of personal injury negotiation and settlement and criminal law. With comprehensive experience, Hank Ehlies is prepared to evaluate your case, regardless of its size or scope.

Whether your case is resolved through settlement or jury trial, retaining Hank Ehlies offers distinct advantages:

  • Professional fees are on a contingency basis in personal injury cases. Our fees are based on results: we get paid by winning your case. The client is always responsible for costs associated with litigating their case.
  • Experience in the field of personal injury law helps streamline settlement negotiations and avoid appeals and delays.
  • Extensive research facilities, including a comprehensive law library and licensed in-house access to computer-assisted research networks, and presentations utilizing state-of-the-art programs for trial evidence and mediations.
  • Experienced staff provides trial support and development of reconstruction and animation presentations of evidence for both trial and mediations.

In addition Hank Ehlies will confer with you at no charge to determine the merits of your case before an action is filed.


“I would welcome the opportunity to consult with you at your convenience to discuss your particular situation and to provide additional information on my experience and practice. I will gladly make available a list of references including clients for whom I have handled personal injury cases. I invite your inquiries in person or by phone.”




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